Saturday, February 12, 2011

That was hard...

So, yesterday was my first trip to and from work on two wheels. There is still lots of snow on the sides of the road, but there is enough dry asphalt that I was able to keep the rubber side down the entire way.

I haven't been on the bike since late November so my legs were a little hesitant to get going on the way home...the lungs were ok, but the point of contact between my torso and the bike was not at all amused at the prospect of 45 mins of pain.

However...comparatively speaking...I am a wuss.

This is Payton...
Payton Age 3

This picture was taken on his third birthday...just a few weeks after he started chemotherapy treatments for leukemia.

My momentary discomfort biking up that hill pales in comparison with the journey that this little man and his family have endured over the last three years.

Here is Payton now...

Payton Age 6
Payton took his last Chemo pill last week and officially laid a lickin' on leukemia.

I think it is obvious that raising money for cancer research is worth the effort.

This June, Joshua Knaak and I will be riding our bikes from Vancouver, BC to Seattle, WA over two days. Biking a little more than 100km on consecutive days is not a walk in the park. It will be a challenge, but more important than that is our commitment to raise $2500 each for cancer research. I have requested that the money that I raise be donated specifically to research into fighting childhood cancers.

Beyond that, Team28, consisting of Joshua and I, have set a goal to raise $28000 from local businesses and individuals in honour of the 28 million people worldwide living with cancer.

Over the next few months, we will be using this blog to document our training, keep you updated on our fund-raising progress and to share the stories of others who have been affected by cancer.

Please consider making a donation to our team.

Visit for links to our fund-raising pages, or click here to donate to my personal page

Keep the rubber side down...